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Holiday Tips When Traveling to Cyprus

Cyprus - Kakopetria

Cyprus Holiday

Posted originally by Cleo on Mar 6, 2013 Summer is coming and most of you are thinking where to spend your vacation. If you decide to choose Cyprus as a destination you should keep in mind these simple tips.
Popular holiday spot in Kato Paphos
First of all the choice of the hotel in Cyprus is important. Double check hotel reviews as you don’t want to completley trust a description on an agent’s website. Some sites are not updated regularly or they may even receive a kick back! So, always check other travelers experience in particular hotels which you are thinking to choose and the photos taken by the traveler’s in that hotel. If reviews are at least 70% positive you can choose the hotel and photos will show the real situation of the accommodation. Be aware that there are no cheap AND good hotels in Cyprus. If the price is very low comparing to the same category hotels you should become suspicious as it said you always get that for what you paid so if you pay 10 euro per night in summer for hotel don’t expect something good.

Secondly if you can arrange your transfer before you come to Cyprus do it and I will tell you why. If you come night time or on public holidays or not in high season it will be very difficult to find public transfer. As in the most countries the taxi drivers will try to charge as much as they can so you might end up paying triple price for the same transfer which you could book from before. Other option is to rent a car which is highly recommended in Cyprus as distance between attractions could be high or not reachable by public transport or walking.

When you arrive at the hotel and got accommodated go around and explore the neighborhood. Make your list before what you would like to see so you will be able to plan for time. A good thing is to ask locals what they recommend to see which is not in your list then you can discover real pearls of architecture or nature.

I would recommend having few meals outside even if you are planning to book an all inclusive or full board basis in a hotel as that’s how you will be able to feel the taste of the real life of Cyprus. You can also check the restaurants on the internet or the best option is to ask the staff of the hotel or locals what they can advise as a best restaurant for local food. The best restaurants among locals are not always included in tourist guides or in excursions provided by agent.

Regarding tips you should leave starting from 1.00 euro and up to much as you feel someone deserves. If you want to leave below 1 Euro, it is better not leave anything as waiter will be offended. Service employees are generally paid poorly so they do rely on tips however, not all deserve great tips but some go out of their way to provide a good experience and they should be compensated in my opinion.

Last, but not least is the souvenirs. It’s good to check prices in a few souvenirs’ shops before you make your decision to buy something as prices and quality may vary. If there are several souvenir shops in the area there are more chances to find a better price for the item you want in one of them. Do not try to negotiate the price unless you are buying a large amount of souvenirs as the owner of the shop will feel insulted and this is the least thing you want to do.