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Cyprus, My Poor Cyprus

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Posted by Cleo Shahateet at 3/21/2013 2:04 PM

Cyprus, My Poor Cyprus

Our lovely Cyprus is in extreme danger facing the dilemma of bankruptcy or losing the ability to rule the island joining TROIKA plans. On the 15th of March the Eurogroup blackmailed Cypriot president and minister of economics to accept a cut on the deposits of the island in order to give financial help to the country. This caused thousand of people to run in the ATM’s to take as much money as they can creating a mess. The goal of this plan from the TROIKA is to kick out the Russian depositors from Cyprus, destroy the island’s banking sector and as a result TROIKA to have the full control of the island which as all we know soon enough will have the control of natural gas.

But let’s remember how all started. Sure Cyprus had its own problems during the years but actually everything became very bad due to one decision of the European Union concerning Greece. Explaining this I need to refer that banks of Cyprus have bought in a big amount, government papers of Greece. When Greece had their huge problems and they asked help from Europe, TROIKA decided to cut their debt in order their debt to be able to be paid back. But this had huge reflect to Cyprus banks which had bought from before big amount of government papers which after the cut of Greece debt, they worth almost nothing. This caused enormous problems to Cyprus banks which at some point they couldn’t react and so government applied for help to Europe and TROIKA. After a long period of negotiating and delays which mostly were caused by Germans and their accusations of money laundry in Cyprus, brought the country at a point just before the bankrupt. So we come on 15th of March night time when TROIKA blackmailed Cyprus with taking their plan with cut on deposits of the island’s banks or leave the country to bankrupt. But all know in Cyprus that this solution will push all the depositors to lose their trust in the Cyprus banking sector and take all their money and put in other banks which will let in totally destroying the banking sector which is the biggest employer in Cyprus with related services. This will lead in a situation that Cyprus will totally rely on TROIKA so Cyprus loses the rule of the island and the rule of the natural gas. The president brought this plan to the parliament to vote, but the parliament taking the pulse of the proud Cypriot people, decided not to give in and to vote “NO”. Here we must take into consideration that Cyprus is not fighting only for themselves but also for other countries of Euro zone in need such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and who knows who is next. This plan about cutting money from the savings of the people in the banks or the deposits of the investors is daylight robbery. What is the difference if somebody comes inside your house to steals your money? And if it happens one time in Cyprus, for sure TROIKA will keep using it in other countries in need. Now Cyprus is trying to find something different as plan for saving the country but things are very difficult and TROIKA is even stricter as to what they want. It seems that hope is the last weapon for the current time of speaking and writing.

Let’s hope that other countries will wake up as well and stop this kind of dictator policies inside the European Union from countries like Germany and their companions. Let’s stop the Europe of markets and create the Europe of people.

Let’s cross fingers for our lovely Cyprus…